Zhongshan District: Taipei's Coolest and Trendy District Right Now!

2023/12/12 13:28

Dive into the unique charm of Zhongshan District in Taipei. Discover its rich cultural heritage, convenient transportation system, vibrant shopping scenes, and dynamic housing market.
Our guide helps you to better understand why Zhongshan District has become a very popular district to live in in recent years.

About Zhongshan 

  1. Central Location
  2. Historical, cultural and modern charm 
  3. Community and Rising Popularity 
  4. Understanding Zhongshan’s housing rental market 
  5. How UR HOUSE can help you settle in Zhongshan

Zhongshan district is located in the northern part of Taipei and has become a compelling choice for expatriates due to its central location, unique blend of modernity and historical charm, and the diverse array of amenities it offers. 

1. Central location

Being centrally located on the red/orange/brown line is a significant advantage.  Expats have easy access to various parts of Taipei with a direct line to Xinyi District and Shilin Tianmu area, making it convenient for work and leisure activities while reducing the challenges of transportation in a foreign city. 

2. Historical, cultural and modern charm

The district's ability to seamlessly blend historical charm with modernity provides a unique atmosphere and adds to the overall living experience. The presence of cultural and historical attractions like the Xingtian Temple, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art caters to those with an appreciation for art and history, offering a well-rounded lifestyle.

3. Community and rising popularity

The welcoming and diverse community in Zhongshan is mentioned, indicating that expats can easily integrate into the local culture and build a sense of belonging.

4. Housing market:

While Zhongshan might have been overshadowed by other central districts in the past, it has gained popularity due to more affordable rental options and the ability to immerse oneself in the local community. Here are some of the common types of housing and rental prices you can find in Zhongshan District:

Upscale apartments:

Modern apartments are widely available in Zhongshan especially around Zhongshan MRT, Shuanglian MRT, and Songjiang Nanjing MRT areas.  Their rent varies from size, location, and amenities and can range from anywhere from NT80,000 - NT150,000 for premium apartments.  These apartments often come with modern amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, and rooftop gardens that are suitable for both individuals and families. 

Standard apartments:

In other parts of Zhongshan like Linseng North Road and where Japanese culture is pronounced or local neighborhoods such as Dihua Street, rent is relatively cheaper and can range from NT40,000 – NT75,000.

Older apartments: 

Older buildings such as HuaXia (華廈) and Gongyu (公寓)  in Zhongshan District may offer more affordable rental options. They can range anywhere between NT30,000 – NT50,000 pe rmonth.

5. How we can help you settle in Zhongshan 

UR HOUSE is committed to helping you find the perfect dwelling that aligns with your preferences. With our support, expatriates can confidently navigate Zhongshan's housing landscape, ensuring they settle into this culturally rich and thriving district in Taipei, where history, modernity, and convenience converge harmoniously.

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