What To Do If There Is No Hot Water?

2023/12/15 12:44

Troubleshooting your hot water issues made easy! Follow our step-by-step guide to ensure your utility bills are paid on time, check your water heater's battery, reset the gas meter, and how to contact your agent for repairs.

Step 1: Make sure your utility bills are paid on time

Verify that you have paid your utility bills, including gas and electricity bills, which are necessary for hot water heating. If you have unpaid bills, settle them promptly to restore hot water service.

Step 2: Check if the battery needs to be replaced

Check if the 1.5V battery needs to be replaced (battery located at the bottom of the water heater) 

*Battery Location 

*1.5V battery for most hot water heaters

Step 3 :Restart the gas meter by following the instructions below (If you've tried the above 2 methods without success)


Step 4: Request repair to diagnose problem

Contact your real estate agent and he or she will arrange the contractor to come fix the issue.