4 Key Points To Renting An Office In Taipei! 2024

2024/01/26 14:42

Renting office space can be quite complex. What should you pay attention to when renting an office? This article shares 4 key points for leasing office buildings, including the 4 major considerations for office space rental, rental price trends for Taipei office spaces, guiding you to find office space in Taipei more effectively!

Table of Contents

I.Commercial office buildings are classified into different grades. Finding your ideal office is very easy!

II.How do you choose the right office? 4 Key points!

III.What are the precautions for renting an office space? 4 details that can not be ignored!

IV.What is the current rental market for office spaces?

V.Looking for Taipei office to rent? Explore prime offices in these 8 areas of your choice!"

VI.UR HOUSE REALTY, experts of commercial office space in Taipei will find you the ideal office space!

1.Commercial office buildings are classified into different grades. Finding your ideal office is very easy!

Are you struggling to find the ideal commercial office building? Offices are often classified into different grades based on factors such as building age, size, and location. In this article, URHOUSE will break down the various office grades , guide you on how to choose an office and lastly, share the current office rental market situation with you! 

(1)The grading system for office buildings

The evaluation criteria for office buildings in Taipei and New Taipei City include various factors such as building age, floor area, location, ease of public transportation, etc. Each factor is rated on a scale of 1 to 5 points."

The top-tier offices not only need to be relatively new (within approximately 5 years) and well-located but also needs to be close to MRT stations. As for the total floor area, it should be around thousands of square meters, with individual units exceeding 300 square meters. These are important indicators for top-tier offices.

 2.How do you choose the right office? 4 Key points!

After understanding the classification of offices, the next step is to explore the 4 key points in choosing commercial offices for rent. Renting a well-equipped office building is essential for creating a conducive environment and ultimately enhancing work efficiency!

Prime Downtown Area

If, after evaluation, your budget is relatively sufficient, it is highly recommended to rent in the central financial and business districts. This not only enhances the brand and corporate image but also provides greater security for the company!

Moreover, services such as banks for handling company transactions, post offices for mailing letters and packages, and restaurants for lunch breaks for employees, are all concentrated in the city center, making it very convenient for both the company and its employees.

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Ease Of Transportation

Why is it important for a company to be in a convenient location for transportation? Just imagine if employees have to walk more than 15 minutes from the metro station to the office every day – it would be a very strenuous task for them. Choosing an office space near metro stations, high-speed rail stations, highways, and airports can significantly reduce the commuting time for employees and greatly enhance productivity at work.

Strict Management Services

Many office buildings have open access, meaning that strangers could potentially enter your company freely. Consequently, the security and privacy of both the company and its employees are less assured. If the building has a strict management system to screen unfamiliar visitors, the level of privacy and security for employees and the company can be significantly enhanced.

Does the office space meet its building codes and other regulations?

Some offices, in order to increase rentable space, often reduce hallways and common areas. However, such practices may result in insufficient emergency evacuation space and may even violate fire regulations. Therefore, it is recommended that when leasing office space, one should thoroughly observe and compare options. Try to find spaces where the ratio of office area to common area is balanced, and ensure that the building's emergency evacuation space complies with regulations.

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What are the precautions for renting an office space? 4 details that can not be ignored!

The pricing of most office spaces not only includes the cost of the office area but also covers the expenses for various facilities. Therefore, if you are renting an office for the first time, it is crucial to understand what items are included in the rent before signing the lease.

However, besides paying attention to the rent, there are many other small details to consider when renting an office. Below, UR HOUSE will list 4 points to note when renting an office, helping you reduce the chances of selecting an unsuitable property!

Additional Costs On Top Of The Rent

It is important to understand if there are any hidden costs such as:

  • Building management fees / Common electricity fees
  • Renovation costs
  • Renovation deposit 
  • Utilities, Internet, cleaning fees 
  • Common area and pantry room 

It is important to gather more information and allocate the overall costs to calculate the monthly rent more accurately. This way, you can pinpoint your true leasing budget!

Office Air Conditioning and Toilet Facilities

Generally, office spaces have three types of air conditioning configurations: central air conditioning, central air conditioning with the option to install independent air conditioning, and fully equipped with independent air conditioning. Most office buildings have restrictions on the operating hours of the air conditioning. If your company often requires overtime or has different working hours from other offices, it is recommended to choose an office with the option to install independent air conditioning. 

In addition to air conditioning, you also need to consider whether you want the bathroom to be inside the office or in a public area. Unless the company hires cleaning staff, if the bathroom is within the office space, employees will need to clean it themselves.

✨Reminder: When renting an office, remember to include "air conditioning installation costs" and "overtime air conditioning costs" in the evaluation of the office rent!

Does the office space meet its building codes and other regulations?

Most offices do not encounter legal problems in their use, however, it is important to note whether the office is located in a special land use zone, such as an industrial zone.

UR HOUSE will assist each client in paying attention to relevant regulations, and remind all tenants to have a CPA double check the legal qualifications before signing the contract.

Typically, a CPA will use the Taipei City government's online pre-check system to inquire whether the industry type is in line with the land use zoning and use purpose of the leased property. It is important to note that you need to prepare a second class housing transcript to complete the submission smoothly.

Company registration inquiries 

When renting an office space, it is usually necessary to complete company registration. Before registration, there are several points that need to be confirmed in advance:

  1. Is it for personal use, company use, or for preparation purposes?
  2. Differences in tax amounts.
  3. How long does company registration take?
  4. If it falls under the category of a clinic (subject to the jurisdiction of the Health Bureau), is there anything that you will need to pay special attention to?  

Confirming these details in advance will make the entire process of renting an office space smoother!  


4.What is the current rental market for office spaces?



If you would like to explore more details about the rent for offices, feel free to visit our website www.urhouse.com.tw. We will provide you with the most direct and transparent information on upscale office spaces in Taipei. 

5.Looking for Taipei office to rent? Explore prime offices in these 8 areas of your choice!

(I)Taipei Office For Rent

Da’an District/Songshan District/Zhongshan District 

Most small and medium-sized enterprises incline to choose their offices in these three areas. Apart from the presence of major roads like Nanjing East Road, Songjiang Road, Xinyi Road, Zhongxiao East Road, and Renai Road, these areas are also convenient for eating and dining. The extensive bus and metro network also makes it a great environment for office workers!

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Xinyi District 

Xinyi District, also known as Taipei's Manhattan Financial Center, serves as the base for many high-end commercial offices, forming a cluster of high-standard commercial spaces. Xinyi District is also a prime battleground with numerous shopping malls and department stores. Many large domestic and international corporations choose the Xinyi District as their corporate headquarters.

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Neihu District 

The Neihu District boasts the continually expanding Neihu Technology Park, drawing a large number of information and communication technology as well as biotechnology headquarters. In recent years, it has gradually developed into a technologically rich area with a concentration of expertise and talent, making the demand for office and factory spaces very high

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(II) New Taipei City Offices

Banqiao District 

In the Banqiao District of New Taipei City, there is a concentration of offices in the Xinban Special District. This area brings together various functions such as the administrative center, shopping malls, and transportation hubs. Additionally, it is only 600 meters away from the bustling Banqiao FuZhong commercial district. There is a trend towards further integration between these two areas in the future, which is expected to further stimulate the economic development of the Xinban Special District.

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Xindian District 

The Xin Dian Carrefour Living Circle is centered around the Qizhang MRT Station, spanning the area between Section 2 of Zhongxing Road, Section 2 of Beixin Road, and from Zhongzheng Road to Jianguo Road. This area boasts excellent facilities and is complemented by educational districts and developments from several well-known construction companies, attracting the establishment of numerous office buildings as well.

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