Discovering Xinyi District Taipei – Your Gateway to Luxury and Cosmopolitan Living

2023/12/14 01:49

Discover the luxurious lifestyle of Xinyi District in Taipei. From iconic landmarks to trendy hotspots, explore what makes Xinyi a top choice for expatriates to live. 

Our guide helps you to better understand why Xinyi District remains one of the top choices for expatriates relocating to Taipei to live in.

About Xinyi

  1. Modern and Vibrant Atmosphere 
  2. Business Hub
  3. Urban Convenience and Natural Tranquility
  4. Understanding Xinyi’s housing rental market
  5. How UR HOUSE can help you settle in Xinyi

Xinyi, Taipei offers you a luxurious and cosmopolitan living experience in the heart of the city. Set against the backdrop of Taipei's bustling metropolis, Xinyi offers expatriates a truly extraordinary living experience.

1. Modern and vibrant atmosphere

Xinyi is renowned for its modernity and vibrant ambiance. As an expatriate living here, you'll be immersed in the dynamic pulse of the city. Expats living here enjoy proximity to world-class shopping centers like Taipei 101 Mall, renowned international restaurants and a thriving nightlife scene with numerous bars, clubs and entertainment options. 

2. Business hub

Xinyi is home to many multinational corporations, business hubs and large scale co-sharing offices such as REGUS, JUSTCO., and WEWORK , making it an ideal choice for any professionals who have been relocated or starting their own business. 

3. Urban convenience and natural tranquility

The well-planned urban design is complemented by green spaces like Xiangshan Park, Elephant Mountain, and the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Park, providing a harmonious balance between urban living and natural serenity.

4. Housing market:

Located in downtown Taipei, Xinyi District is known for its prime location and modern upscale apartments which drives the rental prices to be higher compared to other districts in Taipei. Here are some of the common types of properties and rental prices you can find in Xinyi District:

Luxury apartments and condos

Xinyi is known for its high-end residential complexes and luxury apartments. These properties often come with modern amenities, security features, and stunning city views. Rental prices can range anywhere between NT100,000 to NT300,000 per month for premium apartments

Standard apartments

In other parts of Xinyi District extending from Taipei 101 area, you can find standard apartments that are more suitable for tenants working with a budget. Monthly rents for these apartments can range from NT30,000 to NT80,000 depending on their size, amenities, and location. 

Serviced apartments

Serviced apartments in Xinyi are a popular choice for expatriates as they offer short term and long term rentals. Moreover, they come fully furnished, include housekeeping services, utilities, and provide a hassle-free living solution for those who value convenience. However, do expect to pay a higher rent for these apartments with rent starting anywhere from NT60,000 and up. 

Suburban properties:

On the outskirts of Xinyi, you can find suburban properties with more space and greenery. These are perfect for those who want to balance the cosmopolitan lifestyle with a serene environment.

5. How we can help you settle in XINYI

When looking for properties in Xinyi District, it's essential to consider your budget, lifestyle preferences, and proximity to your workplace or other amenities. Please reach out to UR HOUSE For most up-to-date information on rental prices and the best rental options that algin with your budget and preferences, ensuring a seamless transition to this luxurious and cosmopolitan part of Taipei.

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