Explore Ximen: Taipei's Harajuku - A Hub of Youth and Trend

2023/12/14 02:03

Explore the dynamic and trendy lifestyle of Ximen, known as Taipei's Harajuku. From cultural hotspots to lively nightlife and affordable housing, uncover what makes Ximen unique.
Our guide  gives you a better understanding of why Ximen can be an attractive choice for expatriates to live.


About Ximen

  1. Shopping Hub
  2. Entertainment and nightlife 
  3. Understanding Ximen’s housing rental market
  4. How UR HOUSE can help you settle in Ximen

Ximen offers residents a vibrant and dynamic living environment located in the Wanhua District of Taipei.  Known as the "Harajuku of Taipei," due to its trendy and youthful vibe, Ximen is a bustling district that never sleeps.

1. Shopping hub

Residents residing in Ximen are immersed in a lively urban scene, surrounded by a plethora of shopping boutiques, famous traditional
snack shops(小吃店), trendy restaurants, souvenir shops, vie theatres and entertainment options. Ximen is well known for its fashion, electronic stores and streetwear shops. 

2. Entertainment and nightlife

The district's diverse cultural scene, vibrant street art and performances and proximity to iconic landmarks like the Red House Theater make it a hub of activity and excitement. With numerous night time entertainment including cinemas, KTV bars, nightclubs and live music houses, it is a popular choice for residents seeking a lively nightlife scene. 

3. Housing market:

Ximen district is often a district overlooked by tenants due to distance to work and unfamiliarity of the area. However, Ximen housing rental prices are often more budget friendly compared to downtown Taipei. Here’s a general overview of the rental prices you can find in Ximen area:

Luxury apartments

Rental prices for luxury apartments in Ximending can range from TWD 40,000 to over TWD 100,000 per month. Luxury apartments in this trendy and central district often come with premium features and modern amenities such as swimming pools, gyms and lounges.

Standard apartments

Standard apartments in Ximending typically range from TWD 30,000 to TWD 70,000 per month, depending on the size, location, and specific features. These apartments offer comfortable and practical living spaces.

4. How we can help you settle in Ximen

With new developments on the rise and its convenience to public transportation, Ximen presents tenants with an array of living options, from trendy apartments to charming local style residences at an affordable cost.
Whether you desire the excitement of urban living or the charm of a historical residence, with URHOUSE’s support, expatriates can confidently navigate Ximen's housing landscape, ensuring they settle into this lively and culturally rich district in Taipei, where urban experiences and cultural adventures await.

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